Systems Audit Review (SAR) & Analysis for Development

The system audit is a service which is mainly focused on the key processes, procedures, systems and their ability for inter-operability with other software’s and programs, as well as internal controls with the main objective being to improve the productivity, as well as efficiency and effectiveness of the operation, systems specific with a tier 2 focus on operational applicability.

The systems audit has also targeted the leak of key control and processes that cause waste of resources and then recommend improvements in line with company strategy and key drivers.

The SAR audit is part of an internal field audit and the main aim is to add value to the business services via technology. Alumni Trading’s systematic and highly disciplined approach will make sure the operational audit adds value to the organization

A systems and operations field audit has three main objectives:

  • To discover the areas that provide the greatest opportunities for improvement,
  • To identify the weak points and potential ways to address them, and
  • To assess the economic value of improvements, including cost savings.

Focus areas:-

Clearing and Forwarding systems

Operational Health Check – 9 phases of productivity

Process and Workflow review

Systems and Operations Fluidity and Integration Ability