CargoWise One Training – As a certified WiseTech Global CargoWise One Service Partner Alumni Trading has first-hand experience of CargoWise One rollout and product take on. Our differentiator is in being able to work with the key stakeholders, managers and personnel to implement and gain full use of the operating system and allow inter-operability between divisions, breaking down legacy silos.

We enjoy a collaborative approach to the implementation and adoption of CargoWise One focusing in the following modules, but not limited to:

  • Set-Up & Maintenance of Workflow, Document customization, System Configuration
  • Operator Training: Forwarding, Customs, Warehousing; Transport; Liner & Agency
  • Customer Relationship Management & Tariff Management
  • Track & Trace

Blockchain Training – Executive BlockChain Training Course – A “BlockChain 101” course to understanding the technology that is pioneering the change in the logistics industry. 

Ask us about an in depth evaluation of your training needs post conducting a company SWOT and Operations Health Check and Productivity Survey.

Following are few benefits of the employee training:-

  • Improved employee morale- Certified employees increases the job security as well as the job satisfaction of the employee.
  • Better Productivity- User expertise enhances ones productivity as well as their efficiency in effecting daily tasks.
  • Decreased Errors- Once employees are trained there are less chances of any errors and reduced information error being relayed to the client (importer or exporter).